i have found a home!

29 04 2010

The sitting, waiting, and wishing is finally over!!!

[[BTW– Before I continue on… Please know that I found all of this out less than two hours ago… My head is still in a tizzy, I have a crazy mix of emotions, and it’s very possible that this won’t make a bit of sense.]]

I have a job! A real, big-girl, full-time, radio job!! Where?! The place I traveled to last week. The place I applied to and told you about:

Candy 95.1 in College Station/Bryan, Texas.

Looks like my plan of keeping it relatively secret worked! YAY! My first day= May 21, 2010. My job= Middays on the air. [10a-2p]

This is crazy. I’ve always dreamed of being a Southern girl in a smaller town where everyone is nice. I’ve always dreamed of having my own radio show with a company that will work with me and my ideas so that it can be the best, most “elizabethany” show, while pleasing all of the listeners. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a big girl and just picking up and moving away…. Now they’re all coming true!

I’m going to miss the hell out of DC, NoVA, and the East Coast in general, don’t get me wrong… But I’ve been told for years to be prepared to apply to jobs everywhere, and get notice that you need to be out there within two weeks, and that’s exactly what’s happening… I’ve mentally prepared myself as much as possible at this point…. Now it’s time to make things happen.

To my friends who knew nothing about the possibility of me moving halfway across the country and I didn’t tell personally- I’m sorry. You have to understand that it’s a bit hard to tell all of you, especially when I’m having some emotion that I’ve never had before, and when I didn’t want to jinx anything. Just make sure you’re at my goodbye party because it’s going to be epic.

I’m excited. I’m scared. I’ve got a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s pretty indescribable how I’m feeling right now, actually… All I know is- I feel like this is going to be the perfect start for full-time radio elizabethany. It’s also going to be a culture shock. 🙂

Before I ramble on and on about nothing, I should probably go tell my parents the news. I’m not sure how to break it to anyone that I need to move thousands of miles away within days….

Thank you to all of you for your support through everything. Don’t worry! My “home” is changing, but I’m not. Neither are my friends, family, heart, passions, personality, or my love for Slutty Cat.

PS: If anyone’s looking for a crazy move, I wouldn’t mind a roommate! 😉




2 responses

29 04 2010

Wow congrats- this is amazing news! I knew you’d get a gig someday!

30 04 2010

CONGRATULATIONS! count in for the huge goodbye party 🙂 you’ll do great. like i said on your facebook, i’ll get hints and advice from my pops–he lived in College Station for years while attending Texas A&M! Let’s see…I already know you’ll have to know Reveille (pronounced rev-uh-lee) is the mascot and it’s a Lassie-dog. Also, they’re colors are burgundy and white. Aaaaannnddd…you’ll have a great time 😀

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