sitting, waiting, wishing

27 04 2010

Alright so after I posted my last thing about Candy 95, I punched myself in the gut 50+ times. I’m a firm believer in jinxing things, and telling everyone what I apply for and every little thing that goes on is the first thing that will ruin all my chances.

Let’s just say this- I applied to a bunch of places that weekend, I got some responses, but there’s one that I’m really hoping works out. I Googled the ish out of it, I visited, and I met some really great people… Now it’s all in their hands.

This has got to be the most stressful thing ever in life. Applying to jobs is not fun for the ego.

I always feel like I don’t sell myself as well as I can to someone who knows me. It’s hard! Especially in radio! You have to show your personality, but remain professional. There’s a line there and I’m not exactly sure where it’s drawn, nor do I know how to walk it without falling off….

Basically- All I can do now is sit here, wait for a phone call, and hope that it’s a good one. Hearing “we like you, we like you a lot… You’re great! But… we’ve gone another direction” one more time is not sounding so fun right now.

Anyway… Without giving anything away, I just hope y’all can keep your fingers crossed for me too! I’m more than ready to begin this thing called the real world. I want to pick up my things and move on. I want to show the world what I’m made of…. And it all starts with one town.



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