getting ready, getting set… not ready to go

10 05 2010

Yikes. This packing up and moving across country thing is a lot harder than I thought!!

Finding a place, figuring out how I’m going to get all my ish down there, and trying to communicate with the parents, all while making my goodbyes has put me in one of the most stressful situations ever.

Thank goodness I know it’ll all be worth it 2 weeks from now.

I’m more than ready to get started at Candy 95. I’m more than ready to begin my life in Texas. I’m more than ready to become a southern girl…

…I’m just not packed. I don’t know where I’m living. I’m terrible at goodbyes.

The best part about me when I’m stressed: I sit back and play Solitaire. Seriously. Why sit here and stress about something that I have no current control over?! My parents are going to decide how they want to move me. I don’t have any say in that [as much as they tell me I do.] I can’t decide on a place to live until I really see it, so why sit and think “OMGOMGOMG I HAVE NOWHERE TO LIVE!” That’d be silly.

So here I am, playing Solitaire, blogging, editing videos, doing “homework” for the new job, and crossing things off my bucket list.

So far I’ve crossed off two major ones:

Going to King’s Dominion again.

And hiking at Great Falls.

Lots more to go, though! We shall see how I do!

Now I will go stare at my stuff and hope it’ll pack itself because I sure don’t know where to begin.




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