i won a texas social media award!

13 03 2011

A couple months ago I was told I was nominated for a Texas Social Media Award. After looking at the website, I really couldn’t figure out how serious it was, how much it meant, how I could win, what I would win, etc… All I knew is that if people commented and made me look good, that was probably a good thing.

A couple weeks ago I found out I won! And that on March 10 [my two year Twitterversary!! NOT a coincidence.. EVERYTHING good that happens, always happens on the anniversary of something else good!] I’d be going to Austin for the ceremony and to find out if I won “the big award.”

Obviously, March 10 was a couple days ago. I didn’t get the big award, but I did realize that being one of the 25 people honored that night is a big effin’ deal. I was sitting beside a crazy variety of social media pros- fashion bloggers, people who give out free beer, a massive Austin blog, a nationally popular game/app, a teachers’ organization, an author, a cancer survivor, and freakin’ WHOLE FOODS.

Yeah, when you’re hearing others’ credentials being over a million followers, over 150,000 Likes, more than 300 Twitter accounts… you have no shot. Whole Foods took the cake.

It was at ACL [Austin City Limits] Live, which is a beautiful theater, hundreds of people were there, they had food and free beer for us, and people were mingling. At first it was hella awkward to introduce myself to randoms who are all in their own cliques, but once the ice was broken, I really met some fascinating people.

We each received our award on the stage and the only thing I could think of saying as I walked across was “Wow, this is really awkward… like graduation or something.” People laughed. I think it’s because they felt my pain. Afterwards they tried to get all 25 of us in one picture at the same time. Yeah, right. I did my best to direct the crowd to get together, but I’m pretty sure I was the youngest there. It worked for about 3.2 seconds.

Anyway, they had some bands perform after the ceremony, people mingled, and I met a guy on my way out that seemed to have some awesome connections/opportunities for me and the future. I don’t want to jinx them, so I’ll keep it quiet for now, but it feels good to make some connections with someone in Texas. It’s been a lot harder to do so here than in DC and it’s really bothered me. Let’s hope this works out!

There’s not much else to say, really… Besides thanks for helping me get the award by commenting, and thanks to the Statesman for picking me as one of the best social media peeps in this gigantic state. It was a way cooler experience than I imagined upon initially getting nominated. Networking= always key in furthering your career. You’ll get nowhere without the ability to do so.

The pics:

The entrance. I think this is the moment I realized, “Woah, this is a big freakin’ deal.”

The stage! It was totally intimidating, but definitely legit.

More of the stage/room.

Whole Foods guy, the overall winner, giving his speech! Glad I didn’t have to do that.

Some of the winners! I think even in this picture you can tell the diversity.

They had a girl there shooting pictures Photo-booth style. I totally loved it, but I swear I didn’t mean to be flicking off the camera. Woopsies.

Most of these pictures are stolen from the Statesman, Austin360, and Annie Ray.