what’s a plogerpalooza?

21 07 2010

Two weekends ago, amidst all of the MTV TJ challenges, I flew home to Virginia for the annual Plogerpalooza party at my house.

What’s a Plogerpalooza, you ask?! Well it’s a party at mi casa, with all my friends and family, my dad’s band plays, we have rocket car races, a moonbounce, the pool, volleyball, and plenty of alcohol.

And this year we even have someone rushed to the hospital one hour into the party, and another surprise after 3 hours.

Here’s a quick sum-up video…. Even though I was slackin’ on my video-taking that day.

The one rule we have: Don’t let the crazy come out til after the sun goes down. 😉

Please oh please let there be a next year, Dad!