i’m about to get HOT on the east coast!

5 08 2011

It’s been exactly a year since I went away to NYC to wrap up the MTV TJ experience [imagine that, another big announcement on a year anniversary……..], and it’s time for something big to happen again. Sure, I’ve had a ton of little side projects within work, but I need something BIG.

…and I got it. I got a really amazing opportunity to take my career to a new level, and I’m taking it!

You see, for those of you who aren’t familiar, when you’re in radio and want to advance your career, you don’t necessarily get a promotion within one company or station. You move up to a bigger city. Each city is ranked based on the amount of people in the surrounding towns/that a station broadcasts to. I interned in #9 DC and #175 Morgantown, but got my real start here in College Station in the 200s.

Most of the time, when you start in the 200s, you probably aim to hit the 100s next.

I’m here to tell you that by the end of the month, I’ll be in market #43- Virginia Beach, VA. I’ll be talking to 10x the amount of people here in CS every night!

Catch that? I said NIGHT! You’re looking at the newest night jock at HOT 100.5!!!! Starting in September, every weeknight, from 6-11pm, you’ll be able to hear me on this station!

The story:
A couple months ago I began sending out my demo tapes to multiple people in the radio world for their opinions. I never want to stop growing, learning, or networking, and asking people for their honest opinion is a way todo all of that! I met their night guy, Corey, online and asked him to pass it along to the bossman. He critiqued and we stayed in touch, but they didn’t have any spots they were looking to fill. More recently, they decided that it was time to take the success they’ve been having recently and kick it up a notch. In order to make them even more kick ass than they already are, they’re moving Corey to the morning slot so I can take over his nighttime show. It’s pretty incredible what they’ve made happen, and what we’ll be able to create as a full team once I get there.

I won’t get too much into the emotions of things right now because I have so many of them going on. I’m obviously more than excited that another station has seen my talent and is willing to take a chance on me, but I’m very sad to leave College Station behind. It took a little getting used to, but I have definitely grown to love this place, all of my coworkers, my listeners, and definitely my friends. It’s going to be extremely hard to leave, but I’ve prepared myself for this lifestyle, and I can do it! Plus- I’m pretty awesome at keeping in touch.

Then there’s that whole going-back-home thing. That’s pretty awesome, huh?! [Well… not home… but to my home state! Who woulda thunk I’d be moving back to VA after just a year?! Not me, I’ll tell ya that much.]

Anyway… I’m all over the place with thoughts of trying to get ready to move, keep up with my work, excitement, nerves, sadness, stress…. This blog is probably all over the place. Like I said, I’ll write a more emotion-filled goodbye, thank you, etc in a couple weeks. Until then, my show is going to be just as hard core as it’s always been, I’ll be working my ass off as usual, and making sure I complete everything on my College Station bucket list before I leave. [What’s on it? Well… it’s in the works. If you have any suggestions, please tell me!]

Last day at Candy 95: August 26
First official day at HOT 100.5- Undecided, but probably after Labor Day.

Stay tuned for more details, my bucket list, and personal posts… Once I get my mind right. I just had to get this off my chest and out for the world ASAP.

BUT… I really can’t end this post without saying an extremely sincere thank you to everyone in the BCS area. My bosses are absolutely incredible for bringing me here and being super supportive with me leaving. My listeners are the bomb diggity for allowing me to come in and eff ish up be me on the radio and beyond every day. and my friends are just amazing. The people I’ve met in the last 8 months have changed my life forever, and saved me from a pretty awful homesick that I had for a little while, and I can’t thank them enough for that.