my new life as a texan

9 06 2010

So it’s been a solid three weeks since I made the big move to Texas [woah! I can’t believe it!], I’ve made some friends, and I’m finally 100% comfortable being on the air.

That means it’s time for an update and to tell you what the h I’ve been up to.

For starters- I absolutely love this place. I love the town. I love all the uber nice people. I love my job. I love everyone I work with. It’s like I’m living in a dream world. Never did I expect to move to a place that I would love so quickly. This didn’t even happen in Morgantown.

My bosses are the coolest people ever. They’re down for new ideas, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen. It’s awesome. I’m never afraid to talk to them about anything. That’s something I need to make sure I never take for granted.

I even got my own office yesterday! WHAT?! I’m like a real lady! AND I’ve been going to meetings with all the people working on web-stuff. We call ourselves the Web Wing. Clever, eh?!

I also made a video introducing you to the station anddd you should probably check it out.

Now onto not-so-professional things.

On day 4 in College Station [but day 1 of being alone without the fam] I hopped in a limo with 21 other people and headed to Lake Travis in Austin! We got on some huge party boat for the day! There was even a WATER SLIDE on the boat! CRAZY! Everyone kept saying “Wow, Beth… VIP on day 4! You met the right people!” Yeah, I’d say so! It was crazy awesome.

Besides that day, I have made friends pretty quickly and they rock. [I can thank my coworker Adam for all of this, by the way. Woohoo!] The best thing about it all- We spend a LOT of time out by the pool. There are so many crazy nice pools in this town I feel like I’m at a beach with awesome resorts!

I also have something I really wanna tell you, but I’m not allowed. Ugh. I know. It sucks being teased, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a huge tease.

All I can say is tune in Monday for probably the biggest announcement I’ve ever made in my entire life… And no, I’m not exaggerating.

Now I shall go back to being a working woman and grab my bathing suit.

PS: Birthday countdown: ONE WEEK!!!!

Application SENT!: Candy 95

17 04 2010

I just sent out my first application/package of the weekend! [I’ve decided to stay in all weekend while it’s uber nice out to apply and catch up on work.]

Candy 95 is in Bryan, TX, AKA College Station, AKA home of Texas A&M. It’s also called “Aggieland.” [I LOVE towns with nicknames!!]

A lot of times when I see jobs that are really far from home, I get a little nervous. This time- I really want a shot at this job.

They want:

  • Someone to be On-Air AND Online…
  • Big personality
  • Creativity
  • Someone who lives and breathes the college and pop culture lifestyle
  • Team player/no ego

Ummm… Could it be any more “elizabethany”?!

I’m pumped. I really hope I get a shot at this. Everyone keep your fingers crossed. I’m more than ready for a big move/change in my life. I’m even more ready if it involves a place like this. [When looking at the website I got even more antsy! Everyone seems awesome, and the station seems like a good mix of a private company that gives opportunities but knows that they’re doing.]