Application SENT!: Candy 95

17 04 2010

I just sent out my first application/package of the weekend! [I’ve decided to stay in all weekend while it’s uber nice out to apply and catch up on work.]

Candy 95 is in Bryan, TX, AKA College Station, AKA home of Texas A&M. It’s also called “Aggieland.” [I LOVE towns with nicknames!!]

A lot of times when I see jobs that are really far from home, I get a little nervous. This time- I really want a shot at this job.

They want:

  • Someone to be On-Air AND Online…
  • Big personality
  • Creativity
  • Someone who lives and breathes the college and pop culture lifestyle
  • Team player/no ego

Ummm… Could it be any more “elizabethany”?!

I’m pumped. I really hope I get a shot at this. Everyone keep your fingers crossed. I’m more than ready for a big move/change in my life. I’m even more ready if it involves a place like this. [When looking at the website I got even more antsy! Everyone seems awesome, and the station seems like a good mix of a private company that gives opportunities but knows that they’re doing.]