What I’m about

As a 2009 graduate of the [Broadcast] Journalism School at West Virginia University, elizabethany is not a girl, but not yet a woman who is looking to make her mark in the broadcast/media world.

Mostly known for her blog, love, elizabethany, the Northern Virginia native….

Alright… Enough with the formalities.

I’m elizabethany. Sometimes I think there’s no other way to describe me. Once you’ve met me, you understand what I mean. I’m my own person, and I’m here to show you that.

I spent a LOT of time looking for my big start in radio and/or television. All I’ve ever wanted to do is entertain people. I love to inform people. I love to make them laugh and even get angry at me on occasion. I love to connect with hundreds, thousands, millions, or hopefully billions [some day] of people all over the world.

I finally landed a job at Candy95 in College Station, Texas in May of 2011! It was the perfect “first job,” giving me a ton of opportunities, as well as room to grow.

During my time in Texas, I was in the top 20 candidates to be the first ever MTV Twitter Jockey, completely rebuilt the station’s website, and was a Texas Social Media Award winner… all on top of my daily air shift!

Now I’m in Virginia Beach, continuing my journey to make all of my dreams come true! I hope to help bridge the gap between radio, TV, and the internet by being a memorable, game shaking personality on all media outlets!

Follow me as I make all of my aspirations come true. Who knows how long it’ll take, but it’ll happen, and you’ll be there, right next to me, through it all.

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17 04 2010

Don’t know you yet, but LOVE your free spirit, and fun personality~ through your writing! (Yes, Journalism is DEFINITELY your bag! I want to talk to you about web capture and your ability to connect with those around you! I live in Northern VA, possibly near your parents house (hehe!) and would like to grab a cup of coffee or tea at Borders or Panera. Please look at my web page, the about page will tell you a little of my family. I have been to Trump Towers and listened to Donald Trump’s vision for a new global web of people, working together to create time and money. With your ability to connect, this could be a winning combination! Please see my contact info below and contact me on Monday!

Have a great night! According to your blog, you have had a productive day!!!

Liza Rickard
The Trump Network
Diamond Director
Core Market Leader
National Trainer
(703) 444-1826 (voice and mobile)
703-649-3543 (fax)
Website: http://www.TrumpNetwork.com/Liza

9 11 2010
Tommy Ramirez

How can a girl like me, get with a guy like you? wait! Strike that, reverse it! I’m so awkward with girls! Doh! I wanna be on you (j/k) (kind of)

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