speaking out on a recent frustration

20 03 2011

I hate to be negative [especially “in public”] but I need to explain the lack of something that is probably expected of me.

Since Real World DC, I’ve been known for my involvement with the show and all of the seasons as they happen. My chats, podcasts, and cast scoops have brought a lot of people on board and also keep them coming back. You know all of this already.

Last season was obviously a little harder than RWDC to get the cast involved in my blog and everything I do. This season is proving to be nearly impossible. It’s evident that they’ve been told not to join in on any of my chats or podcasts.

I, along with some of the roommates, have asked their PR lady if I can talk to them, and she says no. No explanation. No “if ____ happens, maybe we can make it work.” Just straight up absolutely not.

Last season, Preston, Eric, and Ashlee did podcasts/chats without worrying about getting the approval, but no one is biting on taking the risk yet.

BUT!!! Don’t you dare think I’m going to go all “I give up on all this stuff.” False accusation. There are going to be people contacted, I’m going to keep trying, and if all of this fails, then I will have to find some substitute actions.

It really just doesn’t make any sense. Sure, I did what I did in DC, but people loved it. MTV loved my chats and my podcasts. They picked me for the TJ competition. They hosted my chats on their site. They joined me in my chats. I actually have my own radio show now. I’m better at interviews than I was a year ago. Yet other people are getting multiple opportunities for interviews etc a week.

If you’d like to help convince this lady to let this ish happen, let me know. I have a back-up plan that could totally use an army. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed. I miss being able to do this regularly! I like big projects. I like having a purpose. I like having a theme and something for people to look forward to on schedule.

Also- if you’re anywhere near the College Station area, be on the lookout for a Real World themed announcement. Hint: It’s a party! 😉

NO ONE CAN STOP ME! They can only slow me down!



2 responses

21 03 2011

EB, whatever you need to make this happen, let the whole world know. I think plenty of people would back you up.

Although I have missed the chats on RW:LV so far, the ones you did for New Orleans and DC were a trip and it was interesting to hear the insight that the viewers didn’t get to see.

26 05 2011


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