the mtv tj’s take new york city

10 08 2010

This summer has been insane and one I will absolutely never forget. It may not have turned out exactly how I hoped it would, but I must say I’m okay with where I am. In fact, I’m happy with where I am and what I’m doing… and I couldn’t be more excited to find out what the next adventure will be.

I have this past weekend to thank for this closure. As most of you might know, I went to the bright lights of New York City to meet my fellow MTV TJ’s, both rejects and top 5ers, and watch the finale of the most exciting opportunistic journey of my life.

**Before I tell you all about it, I have to give a special thank you and shout out to my absolutely amazing boss Big Daddy Downs for making it possible for me to go. He helped fund the trip that could have put me into a nice debt if I didn’t have his help. I can honestly say I work for the best company in radio [that I know of, anyway].**

Because of my budget, and the others’, we decided we needed to find a place in the city that would cost us no more than $100 total for the entire weekend’s stay. You may think this is crazy and impossible, but I’m a bargain shopper! We found a place in the Lower East Side that could sleep 10 of us [if we squeezed and brought air mattresses]. One by one, day by day, more people showed up and by the end we were one tight little family in our Jesus apartment. [Seriously… We even had a Jesus sculpture and paintings all over the apartment.]

I won’t get too much into what we did each night, because I’m saving that for a video series that I will cleverly call “The Real World: TJs.” Expect a few episodes with hilarious videos of us all.

What was awesome: We only went out one night. The other two we spent on the roof of our apartment that had an amazing view. Just about all of the TJ’s made it up to our roof party on Saturday night, including four of the top five. We toasted to “making surreal things real” as we met each other- the small avatars from all across the nation that were used to “TJ’s After Dark” being a tinychat chatroom. Now we were in the flesh proving that our online personalities were in fact our real ones. We meshed so well. We were a tight family from the minute we hugged hello. We had a blast and stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning. We also decided to get matching bracelets with handcuffs on them. We were once handcuffed to MTV, but now we’re handcuffed to each other. 😉

We were there for reasons besides meeting each other: Making something of ourselves, exploring the city, and seeing the finale.

Though I’m sad I have to say that we didn’t get a tour of the MTV headquarters or tickets to the VMAs, we did make the most of our time in the city and I achieved one goal: becoming BFFs with Sway and giving him a hug. The night before the finale X posted a video from Sway that had me all giddy inside. The next night Sway himself told me I was crazy and persistent. Duh, Sway.

The finale was absolutely beautiful. Luckily we got to sit right in the front by the stage to really support the top 5 and experience this with them as much as possible. They did great. They showed the world why they were picked, and definitely handled defeat better than some of us did.

In case you happened to still be living in a cave, I’m happy to say @gabifresh is officially @MTVTJ! I dropped a bunch of hits that I wanted you to choose between her and X, so I’m glad that one of them won! I’m not going to lie though… Dannielle really proved herself and had me dying laughing at the things she did and said. She woulda rocked at that job just as much as the other two. As for Jose– I know he’s got something great coming to him too. I’m so upset by the way his elimination happened, but I hope he doesn’t let any of this upset him.

I freaked out for days trying to figure out what to wear to this finale and how I’d present myself to these people who already knew me so well. Somehow I wanted to make them think “We want this girl on the MTV team pronto.” We had about ten minutes to do this while meeting Brett from Oz, our producer, and other MTV TJ peeps. I’m not sure if I had them wanting more, but I really hope I did. Either way, I will prove it more and more as days go by.

That being said, this chapter of my life is officially being closed. I really wanted to do a formal thank you/wrap up of the entire experience, and hopefully I still will, but know that I couldn’t be more thankful for you, all of my followers, readers, family, friends, mentors, and most importantly- The MTV staff that made this possible. I couldn’t have done it without a single one of you and I hope you know that.

To my TJ’s- We’re destined for greatness. Each of us has a spark that can’t be denied, it’s just a matter of finding the place that can handle the brightness. I can’t wait to see the journeys we all take and keep reuniting.

Now I shall end my cheesiness, tell you that I mean it, and get back to making sure I give you the content you want. Thanks for sticking with me through the blogging droughts, but it’s time to get wet again.

…That sounds awkward.



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11 08 2010


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