mtv asks: memorable mtv moments

20 07 2010

Challenge 5… The final challenge [in this leg.. hopefully I’ll have more!]

MTV wants to know: What three MTV moments in history have resonated the most?

Well… I have multiple answers. Some are very personal moments, and some are moments shared worldwide. I guess I’ll do 3 and 3!

BUT.. Before I get started, there are some things you should know. When I was growing up, MTV was basically the porn channel to my family. It was forbidden. My brother and I could not watch it. For whatever reason my mom thought it was a terrible influence on me. [C’mon Mom! AssMan on the VMA’s, half naked people hooking up on Real World, and the basically pornographic show Undressed aren’t appropriate for young teens?! Loosen up!] Anything I remember was mostly things I snuck onto the TV before she yelled at me or saw at my friends’ houses… Although I’ve caught up on my MTV history thanks to YouTube, this is a personal response… So I’ll talk about the things I remember and that have affected me.

Hopefully now Mom’s okay with the fact that MTV is going to run my life.

Worldwide/shared moments

I think the earliest moments I have locked in my memory [besides Real World or Spring Break shows] were watching my girl Britney Spears’ performances on the VMAs. Everyone agrees these helped define the late 90s and early 2000s. If I have to pick one performance though, it’s not going to be the kiss with Madonna like some may say, it’s going to be in 2000- “Oops I Did It Again.”

It was the first time she did something that I had to defend for her. People started getting angry that she was “naked” on stage and being a bad influence. I assured them all she had undies on under that promiscuous outfit and swore that she was still an amazing role model. To this day I’m defending every one of her actions saying that she’ll bounce back from it all, there’s a reason for everything, and I still look up to my Brit Brit.

This may not be one instant moment in time, but it’s something that happened thanks to MTV that really helped me get through a lot of hard times. When Laguna Beach premiered, I instantly developed a girl crush on LC. I felt like we had so much in common! She was going through all the things I was going through at the same time and talking them out in public. It was a therapy for me. I was going through one of the hardest times in my life, but I felt a connection with her and I began modeling my strength and determination off hers. I feel like we grew together. Graduated high school together. Started working on making our dreams realities together. Left things behind together. Maybe it’s a little creepy, but it’s true. Now I even model a lot of my look and style after hers. She’s absolutely someone I so greatly look up to, but at the same time it’s like she’s always been my best friend…. Through the TV screen.

Finally- the moment I literally thought all of my hopes and dreams were shattered- The end of TRL.

My first ever post on love, elizabethany was about the show coming to an end, and I covered “Total Finale Live” every step of the way. Why? Well, it’s obviously such a huge show in pop culture history… That’s a known fact… But all my life I told people I was going to be a VJ on TRL. They always said no, but I knew I would be. When TRL ended, they won. As emotional and devastating as that sounds, it’s exactly how I felt. Still- I celebrated with the rest of the nation and watched the show go out on a high note. Seeing Carson back, having the peeps from the 90s perform like no time had passed, watching everyone reminisce…. It was a beautiful thing. There’s no sense in recapping it all again when I have it written on love, e, but seriously- I cried watching it. That’s how ya know it was special.

The personal moments

I’ve said before I’m practically an MTV superstar… That’s because I’ve been on MTV a few times throughout the years, whether it be quick glances or a full-out interview on camera. Here are the moments that got me to the biggest one yet:

It may have been just another episode of TRL to most people, but in December of 2003 [or somewhere around there] my mom, brother and I took our first official trip to NYC. My #1 goal was of course to stand outside of TRL and get on TV. I told everyone I knew and luckily there was a Blizzard going on so it was a snow day! My mom and I waited in the crowd in the snow but she of course didn’t feel like sitting through the weather for very long, so she convinced me to leave early. Thank goodness she did! As we’re walking away, I hear the guys of Blink 182 talking to us. I turn around and there’s a camera following me! I totally cheesed it up -duh- and next thing I know they’re bringing me up into the studio with my mom, giving me a microphone, introducing me to Blink, and having me go over my lines. WHAT?! I had my mom go on “stage” with me as they interviewed me random questions about myself and what I wanted for Christmas, then I introduced Chingy’s “Holiday Inn.” The entire time I was freaking out, I stuttered [who cares, don’t judge!] and my phone was blowing up with people saying they saw me on TRL. After we left I was SURE someone recorded it. They had to, right?! False. I was on MTV’s TRL as a stand-in/temporary VJ as I’d like to say, doing my dream job, and all I got was these camera phone pictures:

Once upon a time I used to be fat. I mentioned before I had a rough time in life and I got through it by watching Laguna Beach. Another way I got through it was by taking ice cream and spreading it with a knife over a Chips Ahoy cookie, putting another one on top, and eating a bunch of them. I did this for a while and denied my weight gain until one day I was watching “True Life: I want the perfect body.” I looked down, realized what I was eating, realized how I looked, and realized that I didn’t want to live looking like that. I’ll be honest- I kept eating the cookies and ice cream that night, but the next day I swore to go on a hard core diet. Next thing I knew I was losing 10, 20, 30+ pounds and back in relatively good shape again. It was just another show that I was barely paying attention to but it hit me hard. Now I look back at that moment, laugh, and thank MTV for showing it at the right time. There’s no tellin’ what I would look like today if it weren’t for that show.

I hear that when the Real World: DC premiered there wasn’t a whole lot of hype or interest in the show. I can’t believe it. Ya see, you probably know I stalked the cast while they were in DC and created a huge buzz over the show and cast throughout DC. When the premiere night came on December 30th, it was like a night I had been waiting for my whole life. I teamed up with my other RWDC gurus to put together a premiere party for the cast and city that MTV and Bunim Murray wouldn’t think of doing.

We had 6 of the 8 roommates in town, dozens of media outlets in the bar we chose to hold it at, and hundreds of fans packed into the place and waiting in line outside hoping to catch the cast walking down the red carpet. It was such an unreal night. Cameras were flashing everywhere, interview after interview was being conducted, and I was [almost] just as known at the party as the cast. When “This is the story…” began, I was sitting with the cast of the new season of the reality show that started it all, watching them cry and see themselves on TV for the first time. It was absolutely incredible. It may have been just another premiere of a not-so-great reality show to some people, but it was one of the top 3 days of my entire life… and the beginning of a couple of crazy months while the show aired.

I could go on to tell you about each of the moments I saw my face/Twitter on MTV because of the MTV TJ ads, but I think you know the excitement that hit me.

MTV has been something I’ve had in my life as much as possible my entire life, whether it be a couple sneaked minutes a week or hours and hours a week between watching the shows and reporting on them. I don’t want this to change. As I finish this last challenge of this leg of the competition, I can’t help but hope this isn’t the end. This can’t be the end of the story. Please- help me write another chapter.

Thank you again for everything. Seriously. You da bomb.



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