if i could follow only ONE person…

17 07 2010

Challenge 4 for MTV TJ asks us: If we could only follow one person on Twitter, who would it be?

Ummm.. what?! How on Earth am I supposed to only pick one person?! Before I tell you my answer that I’ve come up with, let me share my thoughts.

When I first joined Twitter, I won’t lie. I thought it was dumb. When I realized that I was able to “talk” to celebs and really get a chance to see their personalities and what they do with their life beyond what they’re famous for, I became addicted.

That being said, I think if I had to follow only one person on Twitter, it would have to be someone who gives me all of them, so to speak, via Twitter and nowhere else. They have to offer me something through their tweets that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Because of that, I ruled out my two favorite girls: @britneyspears and @TheEllenShow. I also ruled out all of my blogs that I follow because I could always stop being lazy and go to all of these blogs, websites, shows, etc. and keep up to date on what’s going on. Most of their tweets are promoting what they’re doing.

What I love the most on Twitter [probably like most people] is seeing Twitpics, videos, etc that these celebs are posting every day of them without their “polished look.” It really makes you feel connected to them like never before.

I also gotta have someone interesting. Someone who will make me laugh. Someone who tweets something that makes you pay attention every single time.

Now comes a question for MTV: Does “one person” mean that I can follow them on every Twitter handle they have? If so- I absolutely, 100% know my answer: Chelsea Handler.

She has about 4 different Twitters that are all interesting and very involved. She has her personal account where she posts a million hilarious pictures, her dog’s account, her show’s account, and then there’s an account with some hilarious quotes from her show. Here is one of my favorite recent tweets from each of them:

@ChelseaHandler: This is my sexual predator. Did I give in? Yes. I’m an equal opportunist. Everyone needs coslopi. http://tweetphoto.com/33005250

@ChunkHandler (her dog, duh): To those who tell me to cheer up. I’m fine. Trust me. I’m more worried about you… Tweeting a dog.

@ChelseaQuotes: “The things that Chunk has seen, if that dog ever learns to fucking talk, I’m in trouble.” – Chelsea Lately 06/21/10

@ChelseaLately: Chuy Blog: Sigh a Nara http://bit.ly/d93YoR

I have a feeling this isn’t going to make #BrettfromOz too happy… Giving multiple handles as the “one” I’d follow… So fine… If I have to pick one, I’m stickin’ with @ChelseaHandler. No one entertains a Twitter crowd quite like she does. Although I wish she’d be a little more interactive with her audience, I can forgive her.

Who woulda thunk it’d take so much thought to pick one person to follow on Twitter? Goodness gracious great balls of fire.




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18 07 2010
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