mtv asks: what musical moments have impacted me?

12 07 2010

For challenge 3, MTV wants us to share 3 musical moments from our lives that have impacted us in one way or another.

The way I think I’m going to do this is A) share one memory per day of this challenge and B) share musical memories that are most prominent in my memory-library…. In order, of course.

Memory #1: Getting my first full album.

I don’t exactly remember why I got my first album on cassette tape or even if I picked it out or if I have the Easter Bunny or Santa to thank for it, but I can remember holding Ace of Base’s “The Sign” in my hand the day I got it and being so excited that it was a real tape that I didn’t have to record from the radio.

I immediately went into my room that I needed to clean, blasted the tape, and sang it at the top of my lungs into my vacuum cleaner. I seriously remember the day like it was yesterday. I convinced myself that I had to sing it at the talent show instead of doing my usual gymnastics routine. Needless to say, someone talked sense into me later and I did end up flipping around the stage rather than holding a mic.

I think this moment has a huge impact on the reason I love 90s music so much. Every time I hear them I smile and remember that day. Every time I get a request for Ace of Base, I play it without hesitation. The first album anyone gets is a historical moment, and I love that mine was a cassette, and is something that I still love to this day.

Memory #2: All of my memorable concerts

I wrote down all of my moments today so that I could properly pick only two more, and with all of my concerts that had an impact, I just can’t do it. So, I shall share all of my favorite concerts in one big “moment.”

My first real concert- NSYNC, Baha Men, and Dream.
I was the biggest NSYNC fan, it was crazy. Them and Britney, of course! I remember staring at them thinking they couldn’t be real on the stage. It was the first time I had ever been in the same place as a celebrity! I was literally in shock and disbelief. Baha Men were barefoot, too! That instantly made me like them more. It was just a great representation of the amazing [and not so amazing] pop music of the time! I couldn’t have picked a better show to make my first.

My first country concert- Tim McGraw
[Don’t mind the absolutely horrid picture… almost 
fat girl evidence.] I was always very anti-country music, probably just like most of you. My teammates dragged me to a concert one summer in high school and I haven’t looked back since. I still have the first CD they made for me with “country songs that will get you into country” and it’s one of my favorites. I also use it on people who are stubborn and refuse to give it a chance! Country music is absolutely my favorite kind of music. There’s nothing better than blasting it on a nice, sunny day and cruising down the highway while you sing at the top of your lungs. Don’t believe me? Try it. Just once. Not all of it is about losing your wife, your dog, etc.

My first stalking experience- The Making the Band Concert with Donnie Klang, Danity Kane, and Day26.
It’s a little ridiculous how big a fan I was of Making the Band. Once Day26 was being formed, it was definitely one of my top 10 shows ever. I am still obsessed with the guys and have to keep myself away from YouTubing them or else I’ll be stuck for hours. My friend Jenn and I went to the concert, talked to them while they were backstage, knew all the words, danced all the dances, and then happened to find out where they were staying. OF COURSE we went back, waited for them, and ended up hanging out with them for about an hour!!! They even asked if we were coming up to the room with them. If I hadn’t pooped my pants when they said that, I woulda gone. We did get awesome pics and ended up on MTB, though!

When I finally got to see Britney- The Circus Tour
Obviously I’ve wanted nothing more than to see Britney in concert since I was 12, but it was never a cheap ticket. When she announced her Circus tour, I was terribly afraid of her ending up dead within the next year, that I was willing to pay anything to see her. My mom dropped a couple hundred dollars as an early Christmas present and sent me on my way. I cried when she came out. Cried. Over a singer being on stage. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I couldn’t blink. She was gorgeous, it was amazing, and it was everything I had hoped to see for so long. To this day, she’s the only person I think I’d be so starstruck to meet that I’d be speechless.

Part 3: The soundtrack to my life

Okay, maybe this isn’t a moment or a memory, but if you want to see my passions, my beliefs, my personality… me… through music, you can absolutely see it with the songs I pick for the soundtrack to my life. Enjoy them. They’re amazing.

1. A Goofy Movie- Stand Out. Not joking. This song has been my theme song for many years now. There’s no explanation needed.

2. Rascal Flatts- Stand. This is maybe my favorite song of all time. I’m big on lyrics, as you’ll see throughout this whole list. Don’t let anything get you down. Stand back up and keep going.

3. Gretchen Wilson- Work Hard, Play Harder. Definitely no explanation needed here.

4. Britney Spears- Circus. Just like “Stand Out,” refer to the lyrics- “All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus.”

5. David Cook- Time of My Life. I would blast this song every morning on my way to my internships in the summer of 2008. It got me pumped. Now “more than a name” stays as my phone’s banner. Don’t be just another face in the crowd.

6. Love and Theft- Runaway. I first started blasting this as a way to escape the fights I would have with my parents, but now I use it because I picked up my things and came all the way to Texas, by myself, without looking back.

7. Jessica Harp- Boy Like Me. I have a lot of boyish tendencies. All of my friends are boys for the most part, and I have the attitude of a guy…. It just fits.

8. Jason Mraz- Remedy. This song got me through probably the hardest time of my life thus far. I don’t know why or how, besides that it’s upbeat and fun.

9. Des’ree- You Gotta Be. Ever since I was 7 years old in gymnastics I’ve kept this song in the back of my head. It’s a song to live by.

10. Kenny Chesney- When The Sun Goes Down. I always tell my friends the “ultimate rule:” Work hard or act like a grown-up all day, but as soon as the sun goes down, it’s time to get wild.

11. Sugarland- Settlin’. Definitely doesn’t need explanation. Why settle for less when you can have the best?!

12. Mary J Blige- Each Tear. This is probably the newest addition to my list. “With each tear there’s a lesson.”

13. Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus- Ready, Set, Don’t Go. It reminds me of my mom and some other people back home. It was hard to leave them, and I know it was hard for them to see me go, but it was my time… THIS is my time.

14. Carrie Underwood- Lessons Learned. You want a song to live by? This is absolutely the song… well… and all the others.

15. Danny Gokey- My Best Days Are Ahead of Me. There is nothing better than the future, right?! It can only get better from here. At least- that’s what I keep telling myself.

A lot of country in there, I know… That doesn’t mean it’s all I listen to, but it’s definitely the most meaningful of all genres.. At least as far as I’ve realized. I’m all about meaningful music. Lyrics are key. Once I started paying attention to them, my whole aspect on music changed.

And there we have it! The most impactful music “moments” in the history of EB! Challenge 3- you are complete… Right after the live, free, broadcasted Flawless Escape show tonight.



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