Welcome to elizabethany.com!

17 04 2010

Hey, hey!

You’re probably here because you read my blog, love, elizabethany, and you’re wondering why I have a new website. Don’t worry- This is simply a way to show who I am beyond my blogging, and share my journey of “finding a real job” with the world.

Now that The Real World: DC has stopped airing, I don’t have anything to really keep me in DC, especially not in my parents’ house. It’s time to crack down and send out applications.

I’m chasing my dreams of becoming a TV personality, but I’m also staying grounded and trying to get another dream accomplished: Being a successful radio personality and/or blogger.

If you want to take this journey with me, right here is where you can do it. I’m excited! I’m ready for the next chapter in my life. I’m ready to grow, meet new people and work with new people, in a completely different area. Where will I be tomorrow? Next month? 6 months? A year?! It’s a mystery… But hopefully I’ll find out sooner than later.

I have a lot going on so this site isn’t exactly as “fancy” as I’d like right now… But I’m trying! It gets the job done for now, right?!



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